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Carie Reviews: How to Use Guys With Secret Tips

Title: How to Use Guys With Secret Tips/ Male Instruction Manual

Country: Korean

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Format: Film

Stars: Lee Si Young, Oh Jung Se, Park Young Gyu, Lee Wong Jong

Director: Lee Won Suk

Runtime: 116 Minutes

Where you can see it: gooddrama

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So remember how I was gonna watch It’s Okay, It’s Love, yeah back burnered. Got my parents addicted to Once Upon a Time and we marathoned that. Don’tjudgemeI’manadultwholivesathomeanddostuffwithmyparentsit’sfine. Nevertheless, I will force Ellen to watch it with me soon or else fuck her, I’mma watch it myself. Anyway, came across this movie on a “I have like an hour before I need to go to bed so why not stalk Lee Si Young’s filmography because I miss her hilariousness whim.” We all get them. So I decided I can totally watch a 116 minute movie in an hour. Hah no. Since that failed, I watched as much as I could then waited, impatiently, for Baby to nap the next day so I could finish. Well, here’s what it’s about and what I thought about it.

Cha Bo-Na (Lee Si Young) is an assistant director for commercials and has been for years. When she began her career she hoped to one day become a director director but instead became a forever AD who does most of the work but no credit. She works under Yook Bong-A (Lee Won Jong) a Avant-Garde dude with no sense of concept and living off his popularity from a million years ago. Okay so, because of her workaholic nature, Bo-Na’s appearance has taken a backseat, I only mention this because this is basically the movie’s starting block. (Mostly because her boss will fire her if she tries to leave work). In her line of work, Bo-Na works around mostly men, who treat her like a piece of gum on the bottom of their shoe. She is constantly over-looked and dismissed because she isn’t a ultra-feminate woman.

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